A Man's Drink
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#77 - A Man's Drink

Oct 03, 2012 edit delete
So I'm taking a style akin to my days of rapidly sketching on yellow legal pad in that I am freehanding these in ink in one go. In some ways I have always preferred the looseness my initial sketches have to the refined look that occurs after postprocessing. Granted, my media are now white cardstock and whichever pens or brushes I prefer on a given night, but the principal is the same. This particular comic was freehanded with a 10-0 brush and some Bombay Black (Dr P H Martin's) ink. I cheated and did the borders and letters with a micron pen.

Of course the other advantage to freehanding is that my time-to-production is considerably lower. This particular strip took me about an hour to draw out from drawing the frames to finish, which is pretty good. Frankly, I prefer kicking out 5 sketchy, loose comics per week to producing 1 or 2 pristine, gorgeous pieces per week simply because I want to see the story unfold. I'm the kind of guy who will stay up til dawn reading a book because I want to see where the story goes. Well, in this situation the characters are developed enough that I am almost watching the story happen as much as I am writing it myself. I like to keep things moving, and as my abilities improve, there will doubtlessly be incremental improvements in the art, regardless of the time put into it. At least that's the plan. We'll hope it goes well.

Oh, also, the recipe White cites for a martini is almost exactly my favorite recipe for a martini, save that I usually swap out a pinch of the dry vermouth for some sweet vermouth and I stir with ice and strain into a cocktail/martini glass so it gets cold and stays cold respectively. Had I written all of this in the comic, well, there wouldn't have been a whole lot of space for the artwork.
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