Sweet Hitch-a-hiker
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#47 - Sweet Hitch-a-hiker

Mar 02, 2010 edit delete
Basically, if you're pulled over. DON'T do what White does and you should be fine. Well, within reason.

Used my Speedball pens again tonight. They really are a lot of fun, though they take a bit more time. Actually, its kind of spooky how regular the timing is. I have to flip whatever album I'm listening to at pretty much EXACTLY when I finish a frame. So four frames by 20 minutes gives an hour and ten, give or take. Not too bad.

Oh, also, there's a human on this strip. A HUMAN. Not an anthropomorphowhatzit animal or whatever. I've actually planned to have humans in the strip from the beginning, but I never really got around to it. I debated using a rottweiler as a cop, but ultimately decided to go with this guy. Those mustaches are just so damn much fun to draw. If I'm ever a cop, its handlebars and aviators all day ; every day. Even in the winter, though lets be honest - the only place I'd ever be a cop is Beverly Hills. No such thing as winter there.

Aight, time to go to bed before my eyes explode in a strain-and-caffeine-induced ... explosion? Something like that. See you tomorrow.


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Magravan 2nd Mar 2010, 7:36 AM edit delete
Actually, and this may be local, I would encourage him to put 150... Then I'd ask to see the radar, which I'm legally allowed to see. Then I'd tell him that his number is off, and when I take him to court, I will get it thrown out because obviously there is a huge disparity between the radar and the ticket. :)
Effigy_Power 2nd Mar 2010, 3:18 PM edit delete
Nice, I think the cop looks like something Moskon could have magiced together.
Also cops round up to 100, so... let's say 200 mp/h.
Which I believe is beyond what his vintage car can do.


Let's say 300.
That'd be $1,535,500. Cash or Credit Card?
Night 3rd Mar 2010, 2:01 AM edit delete
I have be victim to the hot hitchhiker. But there was not ticket involved. almost crashed though. lol
Breck 3rd Mar 2010, 2:01 AM edit delete
Thanks. I'm honored to have my art compared to Moskon's.

Night: Sweet!
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