Back on Schedule!
by Breck

Thus concludes my wave of unscheduled updates.  The regular schedule will resume this Monday.  Awesome!

Rock and Roll!

Continuous Updating
by Breck

If you haven't noticed yet, I've actually been updating recently.  I'm not following any schedule at the moment, but in a few weeks (once I'm back to school) I'll go back to my usual Monday update thing.  Hope you all had a lovely Christmas or whatever holiday you may celebrate.  Make sure you have an excellent New Year!

Back in Black! ...and white and grey
by Breck

That's right, everyone.  Animal Magnetism is officially restarted.  You even get an update right now!  I'm just so damn good to you all.  In all seriousness, though, I have a few weeks off from school and work, so I'll definitely be updating quite a bit, and it won't be just Mondays.  I've got kind of a big backlog to catch up on.

I'm hoping to get 30 done total before the end of my break, so I can get some Project Wonderful ads up and running.  This'll mostly be as a way to show support for my fellow ComicFury-ers, but if I end up making a little cash on the side, too, well, I won't complain.  After my break is over, I will be updating regularly on Mondays as per usual.  Last semester was death.  This one will not be.

Also, AC/DC is still awesome.

by Breck

Yeah, I lied.  No new comic yet.  I figured I'd get through finals first.  See you next week!

1000 unique views
by Breck

Okay, we've hit a rather significant milestone here.  This means its time to update.  There WILL be a new comic up sometime in the next 24 hours, and again on next Monday and the Monday after that get the idea.  AM is back, so get ready, world.

Updating Again
by Breck

Okay, enough fooling around.  I'm drawing a new comic this weekend and updating on Monday.  It's happenning.  Brace youselves.  I just got a few new subscribers without updating in a month, so its time to get back on that.  Mustn't disappoint too much after all.

CONCERNING SEMESTERS:  Well, this one's almost over.  This is a good thing.