Weeee're back!
by Breck

The new official schedule is as follows:  there will be a new strip every Monday, which means there will be a  new one up in about 4 hours.  Get excited!

CONCERNING SUPER-/SUB-SCRIPTS:  Writing super- and sub-scripts in a word processor can be very annoying, especially when you're entering in a lot of chemical and mathematical formulas.  As I understand, there are keyboard shortcuts.  Unfortunately, with certain mainstream WORD processors, changing between script levels in mid-word can result in the whole word changing.  Very annoying, though I hear there are improvements out there now that reduce this problem.  Joy to the world.

...all the boys and girls.

by Breck

Wow, I've been gone a while.  For those of you who are curious, AM is NOT over.  I'm updating on Mondays only now.  MWF was just not quite working for me.  In other news, we've just passed 500 unique views, which is pretty cool.

CONCERNING MOVIES:  I just saw 'This is Spinal Tap' for the first time in about 4 years.  That is easily the best movie ever created.  If you haven't seen it before, go watch it right now.  Even if you're supposed to go to work or something.  Go.  It's worth it.  Oh, but if you get fired, it's not my fault. 

Schedule Drop
by Breck

From this point on, the regular schedule of AM is cancelled.  I may still throw up a comic from time to time, however.

CONCERNING ORANGE:  Orange is a better color than red - ergo the orange title bar and favicon. 

Edit:  Some kind of schedule will likely persist.  I will elaborate soon.

New Format
by Breck

That's right, there's a new format, which makes the comments more accessable and the News less accessible.  It should all work out.  I might even link to the news page from my author comments, depending on how important the news is.  I can't imagine how important any 'news' from a webcomic is going to be, but you never know.

CONCERNING WATER:  Drinking water is really good for you.  Breathing water is not.  Cleaning yourself with water is really good for you.  Cleaning water with yourself is not.  Moisture in the home causes mold.  Moisture in a cake causes delicious.

Weekend Time!
by Breck

That's right, it's now Friday, so there's a fresh comic right above this news entry (unless you're weird and are actually reading this on the 'News' page.  Time for another weekend full of football, differential calculus, and rock and roll.  Fun times.

CONCERNING THE LAYOUT:  I promised a new layout, didn't I?  Don't worry, its coming.  There are a few changes I'm going to make, which shouldn't (in theory) take too long, but I need to sit down and do them when I have plenty of time to troubleshoot.  Expect an update soon.  For now, just read the comics.  That's what this is all about, after all.

300 views already
by Breck

Wow, we're cruising on up, I guess.  We passed 300 views about a day ago, I believe.  This is good.  You all keep reading, and I'll keep updating.  Sound like a good agreement?  I think so.

CONCERNING SILENCE:  It's pretty cool.  Let me demonstrate: