Format Change Coming
by Breck

Just a heads-up:  I'm planning on changing the site format a bit starting very soon.  Might even happen tomorrow - we'll see.  The main thing I'm planning on doing is making the 'home' page default to the most recent comic rather than the comic overview.  This makes navigating, rating, commenting, etc easier for everyone.

CONCERNING NEWS:  With the format change, I'm going to start using author comments more heavily, which means the 'News' section will see a bit less news.  I'll still post the main news to this section, but I plan on using the author comments for more day-to-day stuff.  I bet you all can't wait for the format change, can you?

Thanks Everyone!
by Breck

This is just a quick thank-you to all you Animal Magnetism readers.  So far, feedback has been resoundingly positive, which is great.  A special thanks to those of you who have subscribed.  AM, for the first time, has as many subscribers, which is pretty cool, I'd say.  At any rate, to all of you over at ComicFury who are reading this:  Thanks, you guys are awesome!  To all my friends and family also reading this:  Thanks, you guys are awesome!

CONCERNING ILLNESS:  Have you noticed how absolutely everyone is sick these days?  I'm pretty sure this is a sure sign that either a zombie apocalypse or winter is coming.  One of the two.  Not sure which, but if its a zombie apocalypse I hope that means there's no winter, because I just do not want to deal with snow right now.  Than again, trudging through zombie hordes on the way to class doesn't seem like much fun either.  At least it'd be warm.

by Breck

Alright, we've hit 200 unique views over here at Animal Magnetism.  This is a pretty cool accomplishment.  Thanks to all of you who have been reading.  Stay with it, tell your friends, spread the word, and make AM take over the internet like a comedic virus!  After all, I can only log into so many different computers a day, so some of these unique views should at least be real.

CONCERNING UNIQUE VIEWS:  Wait...didn't I just talk about this?  Okay.  Well, I guess I can say more:  I don't actually fake these views, just fyi.  That's all you guys, and I appreciate it, really.  However, let me just reiterate:  If you like this stuff (or hate it), please read it, link it, spread it, email it, slander it, talk shit about it, troll it, START HATE PAGES ON 4CHAN!  I don't much care.  Any attention to this site is good attention.  The more readers the better.

by Breck

It's Friday, which means there's a new comic up.  As usual, there'll be 3 more next week at 12:01:01 am Central.  Tell your friends!  Spread the word!  Also, feel free to vote up on this on the conveniently located reddit box up top.  Aight, that's enough of my begging for now.

CONCERNING COLA:  Answer me this: Why does Coke taste 10^6 times better when it's in a glass bottle as it does when its in a can?  It doesn't make sense.  Is it all psychological, or does the can release chemicals from the metal that taint the flavor?  Also, why did I using scientific notation?  Is it because I'm in the middle of (putting off) a homework assignment and my brain is wired that way right now?  All are good questions to which we may never know the answer.

See you Monday,


Is it still Wednesday?
by Breck

If you're like me, today has been a looooong day.  If you're like me, today is also mostly over.  Congratulations, you've made it to the weekend (sort of).  I mean, Friday is basically the weekend, because nobody actually gets any work done, and Thursday is the new Friday, so nobody gets much work done, right?  That's how I like to think.  Anyway, as usual, there'll be a fresh comic at precisely 12:01:01 (US Central) on Friday morning.  Be There!  Or read it later.  I guess it doesn't matter a whole lot.

CONCERNING COCKROACHES:  They're nasty and they're indestructable.  Its nice to know that when nuclear war destroys us all, our planet will eventually be populated by their eventually-intelligent descendents.  I saw Men In Black.  I know what smart roaches means, and I don't like it one bit.  So please, if you ever, EVER are in charge of a nuclear weapon, do the smart thing and don't shoot it.  Thank you.

Grey's Staying
by Breck

Upon further consideration, I've concluded that the aforementioned Mallard Fillmore looks more like Daffy Duck than Grey looks like Mallard.  They're dissimilar enough for it to not matter, in my opinion.  If you disagree, please comment as such.  This is all based on perceptions, after all.

CONCERNING COTTON BALLS:  Actually, I don't have a whole lot to say on this subject.  They're useful, I guess.  The only thing I can really think of to do with them is use them as swabs for injuries and stuff.  Oh, and for elementary school art projects.  Gotta love those things.