Sunday Sunday Sunday!
by Breck

No blog update in a while.  Well, since Thursday.  Been busy watching Big Ten football and rocking out with my band.  As always, new strip at midnight plus 1:01 (and whatever time zone correction you need if you're not on US central time).  You should be looking forward to it, really.  Plus, tomorrow is Monday!  That means we all get to go back to work!  Alright!

CONCERNING PROMOTION:  I haven't done much promoting of AM yet, because there isn't a whole lot of content up yet.  That's why there are little to none of you actually reading these blog posts.  At any rate, once more content is up, I'll spam the "shameless advertisement" section of the ComicFury forum and get the word out that I'm writing again on facebook.  Should be fun.  To those of you who are reading it already:  Thanks, you guys are cool because you appreciate good comics.  Right.  Have a great week, everyone.

iiiiit's Thursday!
by Breck

Yes, you read it correctly.  Today is Thursday, October 8th, 2009.  There will in fact be a new comic up in about 9 hours (at exactly 12:01:01 am central) as per usual.  Aren't you lucky?  I will warn you, though.  There may be a little bit of character development within the next few days.  Nothing heavy, but you will get to know these guys a bit better.  Also, expect a few new characters to appear within the next few weeks.  It will happen.  Who will they be?  Well, you'll just have to wait and see!

CONCERNING THE STYLE:  In case you were wondering.  Yes, this comic is supposed to look sketchy and unrefined, because (let's be honest), the subject matter is rather sketchy and unrefined.  If your curious, it's all digital.  I use a Wacom Graphire 4 tablet with The Gimp.  Photoshop is a bit too slow for my tastes, though Gimp seems pretty chuggy at times.  Oh, also Gimp is free.  I like free.  Plus, this way I can keep Adobe software off my computer.  I swear, its updater is almost as irritating as Apple's.  I say almost because Adobe's updater can be uninstalled.  Apple's is really just a virus with the Apple logo on it.  At least that's what it seems like.  Last time I reformatted (BSOD like crazy), the logs blamed Apple updater.  I don't like autoupdates anymore.  Not at all.  But I digress.

Here We Go
by Breck

And thus the second regular A.M. strip is released, at exactly 12:01:01 central time on Wednesday, October 7th, 2009.  This will be the normal release time on all 3 regular release days in the future (because midnight is for the weak).  Anyway, this webcomic is for real now, and the schedule will be held.  I may go insane from lack of sleep, but its nothing I haven't dealt with before.  Buckle up, folks, it's gonna be a bumpy (albiet hilarious) ride.  Enjoy.

CONCERNING RATINGS:  I know its a hassle, but if you have the extra time and you like what you see in these comics, please give them a rating.  I'm not gonna tell you to only give me high marks, but I will ask that you be honest.  After all, that's what ratings are all about.  Also, feel free to subscribe.  I'm honestly not sure what subscribing does on ComicFury, but apparently if you have a lot of subscribers its a good thing.  Kind of like comparing penis sizes, only less illegal to do in public.

Official Schedule
by Breck

At long last, Animal Magnetism has a normal updating schedule.  Well, it had a normal updating schedule yesterday too, but I added Wednesday today.  The extra day per week will give me a chance to develop the characters a bit more than I could otherwise.  It should be good.  Keep an eye out.

CONCERNING MUSIC:  If you're not a KISS fan I feel nothing for you but pity.  Within the past hour or two in the US they've just released their first studio album in 11 years.  From what I've read and listened to already, it is nothing short of pure badassery.  Anyway, this whole spiel isn't really relevant to Animal Magnetism at all, except that so far I have listened to KISS while drawing every single comic thus far.  You can bet that the next one I do will be fueled by Sonic Boom (their new album) and caffeine.  Anyway, KISS fans rejoice!

by Breck

Well, here I go again.  I'm considering adding a Wednesday release date, in the interest of preserving continuity.  There will soon be carryover pseudoplot between strips, and 4 days between releases just seems a little bit excessive.  Anyway, I'm still thinking about it at this point, but if there's magically a new strip up on Wednesday, you'll know why.

CONCERNING THESE DAMN "CONCERNING _____" SECTIONS:  So far I've done a "concerning ___" section in every blog post.  Usually they are relevant, but not always.  This text that you're reading right now, for example, is treading the line between relevant and irrelevant.  While it does pertain to Animal Magnetism and its associated badassery, it does not really tell you anything you couldn't figure out for yourself.  Aww, but now I've gone and made it sad.  Cheer up, paragraph, I still love you.  Now go wait inside while I play catch with your brother.

Holy Shit!
by Breck

I've finally settled in on an art style.  It's rough.  It's messy.  Its real.  I love it.  You have no idea how much fun it is to draw these guys rough like this.  Actually, you're probably a ComicFury cartoonist, so you probably know exactly how much fun it is.  Be that as it may, this is the new and final (for now) format for Animal Magnetism, and I, tired and ill as I am, shall now retire to my mothball-scented bed for some well-deserved shuteye before a 5-hour lecture stretch in the morning.  If you're ever debating whether to get an engineering degree or an art degree, choose art.  You'll starve in the end, but at least you'll live through college.

CONCERNING RELEASE SCHEDULES:  Here's where the real "Holy Shit!" comes into play.  I am actually committing to a regular release schedule.  Well, I guess its not that much of a commitment.  I mean, if I don't get a strip done, it just doesn't go up.  Its not like the ComicFury Goons, Rocco and Tony, are gonna break down my door and make me an offer I can't refuse.  Still, from this point forward and until further notice, Animal Magnetism will be updated with a fresh comic every Monday and Friday.  Blogs will probably happen more often.  Maybe.  You never really know do you?