by Breck

Well, here I go again.  I'm considering adding a Wednesday release date, in the interest of preserving continuity.  There will soon be carryover pseudoplot between strips, and 4 days between releases just seems a little bit excessive.  Anyway, I'm still thinking about it at this point, but if there's magically a new strip up on Wednesday, you'll know why.

CONCERNING THESE DAMN "CONCERNING _____" SECTIONS:  So far I've done a "concerning ___" section in every blog post.  Usually they are relevant, but not always.  This text that you're reading right now, for example, is treading the line between relevant and irrelevant.  While it does pertain to Animal Magnetism and its associated badassery, it does not really tell you anything you couldn't figure out for yourself.  Aww, but now I've gone and made it sad.  Cheer up, paragraph, I still love you.  Now go wait inside while I play catch with your brother.

Holy Shit!
by Breck

I've finally settled in on an art style.  It's rough.  It's messy.  Its real.  I love it.  You have no idea how much fun it is to draw these guys rough like this.  Actually, you're probably a ComicFury cartoonist, so you probably know exactly how much fun it is.  Be that as it may, this is the new and final (for now) format for Animal Magnetism, and I, tired and ill as I am, shall now retire to my mothball-scented bed for some well-deserved shuteye before a 5-hour lecture stretch in the morning.  If you're ever debating whether to get an engineering degree or an art degree, choose art.  You'll starve in the end, but at least you'll live through college.

CONCERNING RELEASE SCHEDULES:  Here's where the real "Holy Shit!" comes into play.  I am actually committing to a regular release schedule.  Well, I guess its not that much of a commitment.  I mean, if I don't get a strip done, it just doesn't go up.  Its not like the ComicFury Goons, Rocco and Tony, are gonna break down my door and make me an offer I can't refuse.  Still, from this point forward and until further notice, Animal Magnetism will be updated with a fresh comic every Monday and Friday.  Blogs will probably happen more often.  Maybe.  You never really know do you?

Two and counting ... still
by Breck

The funny thing about midterms, is that they kind of require a lot of time to get ready for.  Especially when you have 3 in one day.  Fun stuff.  At any rate, there will be more comics soon, I promise!

CONCERNING COLOR:  I'm still debating whether or not I want to keep adding color to these strips.  I'm thinking of simplifying it a bit, but we'll see.  Seeing as how the characters (and there are many more that you haven't seen, by the way) are named for their colors, I figure its important to keep something there.  I may switch it up to be more symbolic.  We'll see.  If my next strip has weird/different/no color, you'll know I liked the new method enough to at least try one or two that way.

Oh, also, you may have noticed that both Grey and White changed in appearance somewhat between Comic #1 and Comic #2.  This will continue to happen for a while.  I'm still trying to find the perfect look for these characters (and forgive me, but Grey looked like a dodo in #1.  They're extinct, dammit!).  We'll see where that goes.

Finally, expect a few more characters to be introduced at some point in the near future.  As well as (dare I say it) some semblence of a minor story to develop and resolve from time to time.  Are you excited yet?  I'm excited.  You should be too.

New Title!
by Breck

What was formerly known as "Grey Duck" is now known as "Animal Magnetism."  The new banners should show up soon.  In the meantime, there's a new comic up.  I imagine I'll have another one done in the next few days.

CONCERNING POLAR BEARS:  Okay, so you have a bear who lives in a wasteland, right?  His fur is a kind of whitish-yellow so he blends in with the snow and can mercilessly slaughter seals for his own nourishment, right?  The real genius here is that underneath their fur, their skin is black, so when global warming kicks in for good and the ice caps melt, they'll all be able to shave and blend in with the seals.  A bear in seal's clothing if you will.  Perfect.  Polar bears have nothing to fear from global warming.  Except drowning.

Title Change
by Breck

Well, apparently there is already a comic called "Grey Duck," so I'll be changing my title presently.  Such a shame, really.  I should really research these things before I jump into them.  Oh well, better now than down the road.  The characters won't be changing (not that anyone should be too attached at this point.  I've had what, one comic?), but I will be altering the title and banners accordingly.

CONCERNING SCHEDULES:  No, I'm not starting a regular schedule, but I will probably have time to do a new comic for tomorrow, and possibly again for Thursday.  Somehow I have more free time on midterm week.  Go figure.  Keep an eye out for it!

The Beginning
by Breck

Well, I've finally broken down and begun a webcomic, as you no doubt have noticed by now.  It is rather exciting to be drawing again.  I've been mostly dormant for the past year or two, working on my engineering degree.  Well, the artist in me got a bit restless, so here I am.  I have high hopes for this comic and these characters, and can't wait to see where this little strip takes me.

CONCERNING THE TITLE:  I'm not sure how widespread this reference is.  No doubt many of you have heard of and played the childhood game "Duck, Duck, Goose" at some point in your lives.  How recent that point in your lives was is your own business, but I trust that most of you are at least mildly familiar with said game.  Well, when I was growing up, for some reason we always played "Duck, Duck, Grey Duck."  Don't ask me why; I don't know.  Apparently "Grey Duck" is easier for toddlers to say or something.  Honestly, though, to me it seems that singling out the "grey duck" from the "normal ducks" is just encouraging racism at a young age.  I guess descriminating against geese isn't much better though.  Be that as it may, the title of this strip is inspired by this game.  Oh, also my main character is a grey duck.  And his name is "Grey Duck."  That might have something to do with it also.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy reading this bit as much as I enjoy writing it.  With my work and class schedule the way it is, I can't promise any regular update schedule at this point, but I'll do my best to keep new material coming in fairly often.